I want to analyse the power of speech controlling our minds, the pinnacle submersed in our thoughts. Through this approach I wish to interoperate complex understandings to evaluate the information we have access to and that which is lacking or hidden. 


This week I have collected a body of research, I was eager to plan out some of my ideas and draw from art work that I had seen to explore the feelings behind pieces. I have only done small experiments but I think this will help me in preparation when I start constructing developed ideas and manipulating them into art pieces. In my original plan I only intended to do mostly research, I didn't specify that I would start experimenting this week. Having started the unit and realising how quickly the time will go I don't want to constrain myself and I got stuck into it. I watched various related films and documentaries, reflecting on the government and serious topics. I made a page on workflow to document the sources I have looked at as I will find it easier to do this as I go along, as you have to show an amended bibliography at the end, as well as an end evaluation. By evaluating as I go along I think this will help me progress and understand what I am doing and need to do. I have done in my plan what I set out to do at the start by collecting research and going to a gallery.


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