Piece of writing about The V&A Disobedient Objects Exhibiton

I wanted to go to the V&A with an open mind and without preconceived notions so I didn’t peak at any of the works before I went. From the name of the exhibition I thought it sounded like something scientific. When I got to the exhibition the outside of the gallery looked gloomy and was designed to look dark and black and the green text made it look slightly sci fi. There were two great pillars that you had to walk through to enter the gallery, it made it seem more important like you were given a runway to walk down and something hidden beyond was waiting for you. 


I was very surprised to find out when I got into the exhibition and started to look around that it was on a subject topic completely different to what I had originally thought. I was interested to find that the work was about activist social movements. A text from the gallery that sums up the works:

“Many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were won by disobedience. Activist social movements have changed our world from the grassroots up, popularising new ideas and values. The objects made as part of these movements have played a key role in those cultural and political changes.” This room was an extreme contrast to all other artwork displayed in The V&A. The room was dark, modern and full of diversity and style. As I roamed around the other rooms in the V&A, the pieces were traditional, I saw traditional sculptures, traditional religious paintings and traditional clothes. The room, Disobedient objects was full of life, interest and spirit, it was an eyeopening experience.


In the gallery the work was spaced out and each work was placed at a different height which gave a different meaning and feel to each one. As I walked in the first thing that hit me was a huge screen displaying moving images with sound, many people stood and watched as some sat down on seats, everyone seemed to be in awe of the clips that were projected, so high above our heads. The placing of the screen gave it such power and importance. The room was very quiet, there was not a lot of talking, and when people did speak it was in hushed tones. Everyone was so quizzical and took their time moving around making sure to analyse every little detail and concept as to not miss a thing. Some people drew from the work, took pictures or notes and some were found confounded to the spot endeavouring to understand its form and become one with the piece. It was a relaxed environment and the people were civil and patient towards one and other.

Progression of work

Progression of work

Altered Spaces- work outcomes for the week

Carrying works around London heading to art gallery- when doing this I thought of / inspired by: Emma Sulkowicz


I work I had done on workflow had been deleted but it just weirdly reorganised my work, it didn't delete it which is weird but atleast I havent lost any of my work when I thought I did  Also the page is full with information so I have had to create another one, which is this page.


So, I have been trying to upload files to workflow for a while now from word document which hasn't been working, so have decided to just go everything straight to workflow which will make it easier hopefully. I have been Ill for the past few days so have been unable to go into CSM or do any work, I feel better now so I will be going in tomorrow to try and catch up and understand what I need to do.


Today I was feeling better, I went into CSM it was my first day into school this week. The tutor explained to me what I had missed, and said I could look at tutorials online and that when I come to do Fine Art Practice the techniques would be taught again. Today was critique day, and we watched peoples work and commented on it. It was interesting to see how everyone had a different idea for what they were creating. As a group we had discussions about each piece and were questioning art, and thinking whether it had to be beautiful or have meaning to it. There were a few pieces that were about war or tragic events and there was a discussion about whether putting this into art form glorified these type of things.

There were good and bad points about the work, about whether there should have been text or not, the timing/pacing of the piece, color etc. A lot of the videos had parts repeated in them. Some of the videos had a psychotic element, whilst others where peaceful. The tutor suggested that I create my video in my own time and to try and catch up.

Next week the group will be at Archway doing sculpture 

Removing Panda Stuffing

Re-Edit Unit-Final Edit of Video: Keeping Up Appearances


I had stitch inductions today which I really enjoyed as we were able to have a go with the machines, I used the sewing and knitting machines. The knitting machines were able to knit very quickly and I enjoyed using the sewing machine, I used a piece of material and stitched on it experimenting with several different types of stitch. I stayed after to catch up what I had missed this week, I've been working on my video and doing research for it as well as for the sculpture project next week and getting ready for it.

Makings of Stitch Induction


Today I went to Kings Cross Library and looked at books in preparation for next week when were doing sculpture. I found a lot of books on sculpture that I found of interest. I found masks of interest in particular as I thought about how a lot of people wear them and carry a different persona. I was fascinated by this, I liked the style of several pictures I found in books which I photocopied and placed them into my sketchbook.  I was interested in how people wear masks to look better or hide 'imperfections', other subjects in life are shown to have a better appearance or 'glorified' (hyped up) to be better than they are, e.g food, sex, drugs, money, (Porn, Food Porn, Prostitution) But then people may have different opinions on this.


Today I did further research for the sculpture unit, thinking of ideas that I can use for outcomes. I thought of materials, concepts and ways to display the work. Thinking of the insight I got from doing research yesterday I'm going to think of ideas. I already thought about doing something to do with masks and I thought about the materials I could use that were different or unusual, I wanted to use non traditional materials. In the week that I did Painting, I used various materials including ones that you use for sculpture including plaster, wood, collaged images from magazine and newspapers. I felt that as I had already used these more traditional materials, I wanted to explore what other materials I could use.


Today I went into school we had a talk from the tutor about what the week would bring, and what we were going to be doing. We had to make sculptures using materials that we had around us. I used my packed lunch as it was in my bag what I had brought with me from home, it made me think about the importance of things in life as well as the necessities. The things that get boring to do.. always eating, sleeping, drinking, using the bathroom, things we spent doing all the time in every day life that over the period of your life adds up and wastes so much time doing things you don't want to do, but are because your body makes you. From using my food, I was inspired by how food is arranged in a way to be attractive, or you have different types of food which are more expensive or classier than others. We were given a list of words we could think about to use or inspire us, I chose layering as I found it interesting to think that it is such a broad word it could refer to many different significances. We were told this day to think of ideas and come up with different suggestions for sculpture. I did various experiments using my packed lunch that I photographed at different points of eating it, from the state it was before eating to after eating, I played around with a few objects also exploring the power that an object can have, the significance and concept/history behind the object. I also did some material experiments with clay using some objects.

Sculpture Development Idea, Subconsciously performing

Exploring various objects


Today Everyone started experimenting more creatively with the materials they used. Inspired from the previous day using food, I went to 99p Store just around the corner to see what food I could find to create sculptures with. From the Painting unit I had used traditional sculpting materials so I wanted to use and create something different. I went to 99p Store and I decided I wanted to create something out of gluing lots of crisps together. I wanted to choose a type that would be soft, easy to glue together and would not break easily. I decided to get 'Skips' as I thought they had a smooth texture and would create an interesting shape when I started gluing them together, I also bought Jelly Babies because they have an appearance of a human being and I had some change left over so I went to another corner shop and bought a small packet of sweets. I returned to the Archway Building and began gluing the pieces together using the glue gun. I ate quite a bit of the food throughout the making as I couldn't resist the temptation, and also I had several people coming over wanting to nibble on my potential food sculpture. I wanted to create the sculpture inspired by 'Food Porn' and the obsession with everything presentable having to look good or conform to a certain standard. Lots of people take pictures of food that looks good before they eat it but they wouldn't after someone or they had played around with it and started eating it. I carried on Ideas and working in my sketchbook at home.


I have had a think about what my final idea will be for sculpture this week. It brings irony to the term 'Food Porn' and what is acceptable in life. It explores prestiges and how people can be proud, what can be scoffed at and what can be ok. Exploring food in their classes. Homeless or hungry rummaging through bins and the high end restaurants or places 'acceptable' of eating. The class of people and the class of foods. Lobster and Tuna. Less common and common.

I have done more work in my sketchbook.

I have started to make my final outcome, I will present it on one of the tables provided at Archway on my mums best plate,wine glass and cutlery. I will present it as a setting, an imagining, of an enjoyable evening eating a well- cooked meal whilst looking out a window at a beautiful scene. However I will use disgusting mouldy foods out of my recoiled bin that have been sitting there a while and create a horrible drink.

People who need help tend to be looked down upon the most, we pity them, sympathise, or think bad of, I have given food to homeless before and have been talking to them, and people have given me strange looks as if to say what are you doing talking to them. I have given these people the remains of my packed lunch that I have had on me at the time as it was all I had, they haven't scoffed at it, they have devoured it. And then the contrast of big restaurants, it is amazing to decipher the difference.

Embedded media


Today was the day of the critique, it was interesting to see how everyone had set up their work, it was mostly displayed on tables, a few were on the floor and one person did theirs on the wall and another hanging from the ceiling. I set up my work neatly I moved everything out of the way of the area I wanted to present my work in, as for this particular piece anything to near to my displayed sculpture I felt would compromise my concept and the appearance of how I had displayed it. It was interesting to see the range of materials that people had used, some used found objects, plastic bags, string, plaster, clay, paint, ink etc. We all gave feedback on the works. 

Comments said about others works: Artists to comment, no instruction, appearance of a tampon, suggestions of subjects on rape, miscarraige, Paul McCarthy, formalism, modernism(progress, new) postmodernism- recombined, nothing is new just differently interpreted. 

I took quick notes on what was said about my piece:

-Consumerism, lots of waste in the world, recycling


-Looks nice with the Red tablecloth and neatly presented, thought has gone into it

-Food is ugly, drink looks like a protein shake, comments of a blind man and having laser vision, not being able to see food, then say that food was ugly,

-Presented well, about decay and food

-Rotting vegetables, comments on how the drink had separated, the water from the food particles. 

-Machine food, comments of a robot poo, an artist who sold his poo

-Artists mentioned: Bill Viola, Anya Gaucho, Manzoni, Cloaca- Wim Pelvoye


Development of / and Final Idea


Today I am going to finish presenting my work in my sketchbook for what I have done this week, and start thinking about the progress tutorials that are next week and make sure I've done everything I need to do.


Today I went to Frieze Art Fair, it only happens once a year and theres lots of artists and galleries that exhibit from across the world so I was excited about it. I travelled to regents park and the work was exhibited in a huge white tents and there was sculpture outdoors as well in the park. I am going to display information about this in my Research Page. 

Frieze Art Fair


I really enjoyed the Frieze Art Fair, I carried on researching some of the artists and looking at the work, it was interesting to see some of the works at the Fair to do with food after just using food in the sculpture unit. 


Today I went into CSM as everyone had appointments with tutors to speak about work and get advice, I was unsure what to do in my sketchbook which was why I was lacking some work, now I understand everything I need to do I can catch up on work, and be more motivated on completing workflow and research. I feel more inspired after visiting Frieze, there was a great variety of work and it made me want to achieve higher than I already am. After the review with the tutor I am going to take notes and think about what work I need to do to improve the work I have already done and catch up on anything I have missed or misunderstood previously.


This week and today I plan to work on my sketchbook as it was in need of the most attention, I need to organise and print of pictures of my work to stick into my book, I have put these pictures on workflow but did not realise they also needed to go in my sketchbook so I will have to spend time this week sorting it out and develop my interests further by doing more research.

22/10/14 - 2/11/14

I am going to spend the time off doing work in sketchbook and research, I need to catch up from the Re-Edit unit as I had time off due to illness and do some more experimentation for this. I am going to visit Open Days for Fine Art at University to get a clearer understanding of what it is I want to be doing next year and where I want to study.


Today I went into Kings Cross the tutors were doing a talk in the morning about the next 2 weeks and letting us know about the brief. It was suggested that we go the several galleries which I will be doing this week, it was explained about the project topic. We wrote down ideas for about an hour for this brief. It was explained that the work we do will be exhibited at Kings Cross where lots of people will see it so we have to think about what we make and how to present it in the environment. I then wrote down ideas for final design plans and subject ideas. We later had a lecture at Archway site about the specialisms I have decided I wanted to do Fine Art Practice as I enjoy working in multi- disciplinary. 


Today I wrote notes in my sketchbook for ideas and went to the library to do some research , I ended up taking out 3 books, for my ideas. I thought about ideas on egyptians and pyramids, I then thought about how I could represent a pyramid and then have the inside very different like malibu barbie. I looked online all the tents I liked were expensive or the tents that were cheaper I didn't like its know making me rethink my concept and what Im doing, the space were exhibiting our work in the walls are white and the building space looks quite plain and boring so I think something with lots of colour and a retro vibe will look good and stand out. I will have to think about this and do more research and take notes, I am planning to visit galleries tomorrow so hopefully I will draw inspiration from this. The books I  took from the library were : portable architecture and unpredictable surrounding, mobile- the art of portable architecture and the magic of tents- transforming space.


Today I went to 3 different galleries : white cube Bermondsey, Self, and mirrorcity Hayward gallery. I really enjoyed them and the artists I saw I made notes and it was interesting to see some of the works concepts were similar to ideas I have had previously and works I have done. I will put information for this in my research file.


Today at CSM I spent the day doing research as I hadn't figured out to full extent what I would be doing for my final piece, I am going to do some development at home, as I had the idea of using tents I am going to use some of the ones I have at home to get a visual idea of a developing potential outcome. I still have a number of ideas to choose from, and I keep thinking of new and different ideas, I'm a bit confused at the moment as I have so many ideas and I need to develop on one but I am finding it hard to decide. We had a crit and I explained the basics of my ideas about how places can be stolen and transported, I was inspired by the movie Dispicable Me where the tent was stolen and moved into another surrounding


Today I took the projector into CSM for the art crit tomorrow. It was very heavy so I had to take it in the car, i got my dad to drop me off. I parked in the bay at the back of CSM and used a trolley that I brought from home to roll it into the building as it was very heavy. I forgot my Student ID which was distressing as it was an hour journey from home to the college. I tried to convince the security guards that I went to the school.


Today was the art crit. The tutors commented on how you can look at parts of work, and experiment with displaying work differently in the space by playing about with the area you moved it to and how you did it. Also to try out any ideas instead of imagining the notion of scale. Thinking about how the presenting of work can add meaning and importance.

I displayed my work (projector and projected image). When my work was spoken about people looked into the projected space, afterwards they commented how the piece forces you to look into a space and be confined which you may not feel comfortable with. Another person said it reminded them of something like 1920's-30's like how cinemas became public, how things can be publicly and privately viewed and that I could also explore moving images. A woman felt that when she looked in the screen she felt a bit self conscious as anyone else viewing her and the work would only see her bottom half (her body) which she didn't feel comfortable with. She commented also that people of different heights may have a different viewing experience of it. Taller people may find it harder to move inside to viewer rather than shorter people. Comments on how it doesn't look safe and their trusting me that nothing bad will happen when they look or they wont become scared. Comments on how you look in its a different scenario to the environment on the street, how they can't believe its in the street, a transformation of feeling and structure. One person commented after the talk how most people commented on the way it looked aesthetically, they could see that the concept I displayed had a high meaning and created more interest, and took a deeper understanding into exploring the idea of Barbie and the pyramid, they thought you could view it like Barbie is perfect and has a perfect life in a dream house and it may mimic reality. Another person commented how it was very beautiful, the machine as well as the picture that was projected.

People viewing the work had interest and were queuing up to view it individually as only one person can see it at a time. 

It was exciting to see the range of work that people produced including: sculpture, performance, painting, video edits, photography. It was interesting to listen to all the feedback that people got and the positives and negatives and how they could have improved it. The way of presenting was deemed highly important as it added meaning to the work and played a part in the quality of the work. I will have to bring the projector home as well. Going into CSM I left my camera at home so I went back home to get the camera and journeyed back to CSM to take the photo of the projector and went back home again. I am unable to use the car to take the projector home so will have to tomorrow.

Getting ready for Installation

Image I used to project

Out of Place (Final Piece)

Projected Image (It was interesting to see how the photo was projected with great quality but photographed poorly)

Viewing of Piece

Viewing of Piece

Viewing of Piece

Viewing Of Piece

Viewing Of Piece

Viewing Of Piece

Viewing Of Piece


Today I am still not able to use the car to pick up the projector so I will be doing work in my sketchbook and presenting the pictures that I took from the exhibition. 


Today I picked up the projector, I drove in the car. I used a trolly to transport it with more ease from the street in CSM to the car . We had to park at the bay at the back of the building but the doors where shut so I had to go all the way around to the front of the building with the trolly to get the projector. I positioned the projector onto the trolly and then manoeuvred it all the way around to the back of the building to where the car was parked. The journey was reasonable, it was raining slightly and traffic was slightly bad, I was given help to get the projector into the car, which was slightly starting to break with all the wear and tear. I have not decided whether to keep the projector or not as they are rare to get a hold of, but its very big and could be hard to keep, so I will either keep it or take it to the dump.

Transporting the projector

Transporting the projector

Transporting the projector

Transporting the projector


Today I plan to be working on my sketchbook and adding to work, to be ready for my work review on Tuesday, I will need to print of a label and make my work ready in a portfolio. I need to print of images.


Today I will be finishing presenting my sketchbook and getting everything ready to show ready for tomorrow. I know that I want to specialise in Fine Art Practise as I enjoy working in multidiscipline with several materials at the same time. I am also going to get ready the art books that I borrowed from the library to take back tomorrow.


Today was the assesement of my work for the units, I went in and had to wait to be called. I sat down with the tutor as he looked at my work and I explained my work to him and my concepts which he seemed interested in. He gave me some constructive feedback as well which was really helpful. I passed my assessment and then I had to leave my sketchbook in a portfolio with my name on it specifying what I wanted to specialise in for fine art practise. I chose Fine Art Specialism. I have to leave my book and collect it on Thursday.  

19/11/14- Fine Art PART 2


The Fine Art project we are going to be doing next week is called 'Witness' we have been told to think of ideas and prepare for next week when we start back and have a new project. Over the weekend we are supposed to observe whats around us and collect information of document through drawing what we see. I thought this could be in the outside world, our homes or films, documentaries we watch. We are supposed to 'Witness' life around us, people or places. This makes it sound like we are going to be spies and spy on people or things around us like we are being nosey. Looking at an event or non-event, maybe truth or fiction. We could take photographs, write, or draw. I drew images of things/landscape around me in normal every day life. I drew the landscape out of my bedroom window, as some things can be there that you see every day that you don't take notice of, take for granted or miss the beauty of it because its a usual thing you see all the time, I drew the trees and when I looked out of the window later there was a nice ray of colours in the sky, which people usually believe to mean that tomorrow will be a good day. I also drew a scenario which I saw when I was on the train. The train not usually was very empty and quiet I couldn't hear any talking and then there was a lady who went round leaving a packet of tissues and a printed note next to people saying that she had a child and needed money for support and if we could help her by giving a pound to buy the tissues, she went around people not bothering them just leaving the note and tissues down next to people and then came back after a while to collect them, so she was asking for money in a gentile non pushy way. From what I saw there was a man opposite me who didn't leave any money, I didn't either, I think its because you don't know the person and people have lots of perceptions that people won't make use of the money that they give you. I am going to look at the project brief and see what ideas I can think of or gather through research.


Today I went in to collect my work that I had left so tutors could look at an decide what area people would specialise in and it was exciting to find out what I was going to specialise in. I noted that i  was allowed to do Fine Art specialism, there seemed to be a fair amount of people choosing to specialise in fine art and lots of new faces that I hadn't seen before. We were reminded and told to look on moodle at the brief, which I have already done briefly  but I will refer back to it and continue to think of ideas. I wrote down notes in my book of thought that I had related to the project brief title 'Witness'. I searched on Google 'Witness' to see what would come up, it said that witness is a human rights organisation that uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violence. This was interesting to see that the word was being used and related to violence. I thought of things that reminded me of witness like witness protection which is an enforcement the police can use for peoples benefit if they are in danger, also a saying which is witness the fitness, which can be a jest and a confident, proud, humorous remark. 

I looked in the dictionary to see what the word was stated as, the result came up:


verb (used with object)

to see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception:
to witness an accident.
to be present at (an occurrence) as a formal witness, spectator,bystander, etc.:
She witnessed our wedding.
to bear witness to; testify to; give or afford evidence of.
to attest by one's signature:
He witnessed her will.

verb (used without object)

to bear witness; testify; give or afford evidence.


an individual who, being present, personally sees or perceives athing; a beholder, spectator, or eyewitness.
a person or thing that affords evidence.
a person who gives testimony, as in a court of law.
a person who signs a document attesting the genuineness of itsexecution.
testimony or evidence:
to bear witness to her suffering.
(initial capital lettera member of the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Results came up to do with witnessing an incident, an event like a wedding,to do with suffering, evidence, avoiding giving evidence and even Jehovah Witnesses, which involves speaking and spreading information. I thought these outcomes were very interesting to see the diversity of what the word could mean and how many options that came up. I also thought of surveillance, like TV, Celebrity Big Brother, everyone likes to watch what other people are doing all the time and weirdly find it very entertaining, also films and programmes can be live streamed, like the news, your watching something before you as it is happening, also I thought of one incident which had a lot of controversy about it was #freeeducation, which was a protest that was channeled live on youtube and the internet when it was happening, which I actually watched on the day live, it was a protest about university and the costs of it. There were several humorous placards that people carried with them such as 'I can't even afford paint' and 'our placard is as shit as this government' I drew pictures from this event in my sketchbook. The event actually turned a bit violent and people became angry, there was a lot of police following the protestors and at one stage the police were at the front actually leading it which the protesters weren't happy about. A few outside of shops got wrecked with paint, and I saw people start to attack the outside of the Starbucks shop. There were people in there having a coffee when several people started smashing the windows with poles or instruments used as weapons, the people inside became scared and moved away from the window, the window was smashed and had paint on it, and the police then came over very angrily and moved in front of it to protect the shop. I saw a few times people got arrested which made people more unhappy, and lots of people trespassed over a grassy area which the police then cornered off and tried to stop people from getting onto it. This was weird to watch as I was watching at home sitting down on a comfy sofa, whilst lots of other people, outside for a long time must have got cold and tired of all the shouting, weird to watch as it was streaming live. 


On the Project brief on moodle there are questions to help us think about 'Witness' and what can it mean. I thought it would be helpful to think about these questions and to write answers to what I thought about them.

Use the following questions as a guide.

  • Why witness? You feel powerful, like your invisible like a superhero, it gives you a reason to live, walk observe the things that happen around you and make you have a better understanding or them and appreciation. It gives you memories, and something you can look back on, remember and be content about the small things in the world that may be taken for granted.

  • How does it feel to witness? It can be an engaging task between yourself or two elements or more. It can feel liberating like a secret agent as if your spying and its top secret, but you may feel as though your being nosey and its something your shouldn't be doing, or feel embarrassed by. You can be watching other lives and significant factors in their time. When I was younger I used to spy on the house opposite mine, and I could see into their garden I thought I was really cool, and I only did it because I thought I was a secret agent and that I would see something awesome and stuff was about to go down, I used to stand on my swing in the garden and write down notes and things that I spotted, but I think they noticed, because they made their fence taller, and they made it really really tall, which sort of defeated the objective of my game.

  • What is interesting about the things/places/people you are observing? Human nature and behaviour is so alike, we are all similar in so many ways but also differ greatly in so many other ways. Lots of similar characteristics, and things can be glorified easily, like celebrities, programmes, clothes, mobile phone, men and women alike.

  • What is special/interesting about the witnessed moment? You remember some things and not others, but you don't always know why you forget things and remember others. You can look back on a situation and think its worse than it was or remember it better than it was. You can remember some aspects, objects, possessions, or incidents forever if you wish and lots of people tend to cling on to these and keep them as memories or sufferings. 

  • What are you seeing that nobody else is seeing? When your trapped, alone no one can see you or know what your doing, when people commit incidents they may think no one is watching but they could be mistaken, someone could be hiding but being able to observe everything thats going on or there could be CCTV, people are not always right. You can see things in a moment that you want to learn more about or uncover, discover, like an investigation, they are given the facts and have to figure out a storyline. 

  • How can you capture / condense / slow the passing of time?Films, remind, pause, stop, play. Drugs, mentally disturbed, altering time by changing the time on the clock, I have watched in films, where people have been killed and then they change the time on the clock when it has been stopped or smash it, so they think that was the time of the incident.

  • Is your surveillance covert? Not everything is videoed, supposedly there will be high tech surveillance in the new world order, predicting future events, may come to life, people are blind. 

  • Is the event you are witnessing a recurring event? Playback, similar events happening throughout history, rewriting the past, recurring wars- world war 1, world war 2. Bombs, terrorism, violence, drug abuse, prostitution, stealing, buying, selling.

  • What do you remember about the thing you have witnessed afterwards? The facts, the things that are most important, the major aspects, the silliness, most kindest, most violent moment, most shocking, disturbing.

  • What is the hidden / revealed truth about the thing you have witnessed?  Find about the truth ages after, war ww1, WW2, JFK, conspiracies, FBI conspirers, drug laundering, Jimmy Saville, Royals involved in incidents. who is to say all of the truth is not even told yet, what is to be believed, what is false, people can be gullible and believe everything the media tell us- Michael Jackson likes children not in a good way. If you look at newspapers its all depressing stories about how people have been murdered, suicidal, to do with drugs, violence, stealing, rape and so on.

I found this task helpful and made me come up with lots of different ideas and scenarios. Also this week I am going to need to start thinking about my personal statement and put together ideas for it.


So far the ideas, and subject topics I have seemed to explore due to research, aspects that I have witnessed seem to related to incidents, such as violence, rape, or stealing. 

I looked on the brief again and it listed several definitions of words, which was interesting to see what was being suggested on the brief: 


Anything that happens or takes place. An incident or occurrence, especially a memorable one.


An unexpectedly insignificant event or an event that did not happen.


A person who sees an event


/ to have knowledge from observation or 


One who watches critically and attentively in order to ascertain a fact.


Acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it.


Creating or controlling a situation rather than responding to it after it has happened. 


This made me think of lots of things that could be made up, like people lying to other people telling 'fibs' or little white lies. Also made me think about the boy who cried wolf, the storybook for children. Also newspapers, how lies can be spread and believed, not to know what is true anymore, or who you can trust, as people can let you down in life. I saw an article about university fees killing off creative arts and how tuition fees and student loan risky are killing off Britain's creative edge and how theres a risk on foundation courses because of this.


Violence in Media. Violence talks of Mark Duggan, Steven Lawrence, Tamir rice, and other violent acts, where there is confronting, police, threatening behaviour, Michael brown, police are killed and lots of people banging on Starbucks yelling 'pay your tax'. Lots of people are angry at the government and not happy with the system. I saw a video on Youtube where police shot a dog and left it to lie there dead because it was barking, trying to protect its owner but it was not violence, it was shot to silence it. I was a true movie, where a black man who had a daughter was shot by police in a train station and the police responsible resigned and the main culprit went to prison for a short time, just because you are well known and respected and people think well of you it does not make you a saint, people forget that we are all the same and we can all make mistakes(police, priests). I thought of the free education protest and people complaining of money fees and I thought I could look at this and try to covey their struggle by making pieces of art out of things lying about in my house, or anything I could get for free. So I found a recipe and made my own paint using food colouring, flour and water it gave a very weird thick, sloppy texture, I left it in the mixing bowl for a while and it actually started to stick to the bowl, and set and become hard, and hard to scrape off. I did a few experiments with the paint in my book which left a very rough texture, I wasn't sure what the result would be like but I was pleased with it as it held the blue food colouring, it took ages to dry, but then so does paint, but it did work and was effective. I did some experiments with Paper and i liked the texture when you screwed it up into a ball. I also had an idea of experimenting with tissue, making it wet and throwing it on the ceiling, like what they do in toilets, how things can be ok but somethings always not right, a small factor. 

Homemade Paint

The texture was very thick and lumpy because I used flour but I liked this technique as it gave the texture of the paint a 3D effect and was curious to look at.

Kings Cross Spinning around gave a sense of movement


My research has been interesting, I looked at work that was made out of rubbish or things that you would think cheap that have been sold for money. I looked at the work by Piero Manzoni's work called Artist's shit in 1961, I think the date that its done in is really interesting to see that artists were trying to be surprising and modern at such an early date. I think it may refer art to the fact that you can make anything art by being controversial. Or referring to the fact that loads of famous artists once famous can sell any piece of rubbish and for it to be viewed as amazing, work of art, or sell expensively because of the artists reputation. Art can be very costly which a lot of people may not have the funds to support their ideas so have to use whatever materials they can afford or get their hands onto. My initial response and ideas to the brief were basic, but after doing research and thinking about the brief in more depth I feel it has broadened my mind to think creatively and that there are lots of different topics to explore that relate. I have begun to use various materials, such as the homemade paint that I used. Related to the #freeeducation I drew faces of Boris Johnson and Nigel and stuck them onto bike stands, I find them really humorous and suggestive. I used paper, pencil, tape, and the bike stands, I took them outside in my garden on a wet day, I wanted them to have a rubbish environment, as representing as art student in the protest and drawing inspiration from the placard that I saw saying 'I can't afford paint'. I also played about with objects to see what I could do with them. I experimented with objects in my garden, some that I found and I got a microwave for free from a website online, which said that it worked, but it didn't even work 


Spinning- Sense of FREEDOM


We have been planning today and thinking about what materials we can carry on experimenting with and thinking further about concepts. I like the ideas related to the freeeducation a lot as it relates to a lot of people and they will be able to relate to the art piece. I think its also fascinating as I viewed the event live and watched it as people commented on the video live and I was able to see immediate responses. I have done some more work in my sketchbook experimenting with various materials and approaching the idea of university funding or lack of. To me the thought of a material thats cheap and easy to get your hands on is paper, so I used paper and screwing it up I stuck it onto the pages of my book, looking dishevelled and not like anything in particular. I then used this same technique again with the paper but made it into a dress to be an outfit for a woman I drew in my book, looking very cheap, I then experimented with other materials and I used a section from a black bin bag which I cut out and placed onto another body I drew, with crazy contrasting orange hair. Another material I used which I found very interesting texture, was see-through blue plastic, it became very crinkled after I had glued it down onto the body, as it was see-through you could see the drawing that I had done behind it which I found fairly intriguing. I thought about in the old days, when they used to wear long dresses and have undergarments, and used to wear a type of wire cage to create a figure, and how lots of layers were worn under the dress but the last outer layer was only ever seen and it was unheard of or thought improper or immodest to ever show the undergarments. Like in Pocahontas, I find this very fascinating also how these clothes to be worn in todays society would be seen as costume or stupid, if you were to wear these garments everyday casually people would laugh at you.


I have been doing initial experiments and work in my book. I have been inspired by a number of events in the news recently like #freeeducation and how art students can't afford materials, I thought to look at a subject topic and relate it to how art students don't have the means to make things. I thought I would try and convey a concept using materials that made no sense to the issue and totally random. I will try and get objects for free or out of skips. I thought about the protests again and how people love to protest for the sake of it, they like to be heard, taken notice of, or show off about it, or be able to brag and tell people about it. I thought of people 'Just want to Protest'. Like how in the world people do good things for the wrong reasons, to keep up appearances, make people like them and so on. I watched a film and it was set in a high school, there were popular kids and kids that no one liked, when the unpopular kids decided to do something about it, they managed to make the whole school dislike the popular kids in the end, and in order to become liked again the popular kids, who were so horrible to others before and took no notice of them, they started giving away free food to anyone in the school and giving out tiaras to other girls so that they could be a princess for a day, this was to make people like them again, there was a hidden agenda. Also Ive watched films, where people do the right thing only because theres been enough uproar and they want to quieten the people. Made me think of how in racial history something only happened in the end because it became such a big issue, too big to ignore and the people weren't happy, or people supposedly think that a lot of the trials for ww2 of the nazis that were captured was fake to show that something was happening to the people responsible that it was fake and that nothing happened to them and they were secretly released.

The Concept: insufficient funds- free education

The Concept: insufficient funds

The Concept: insufficient funds

The Concept: insufficient funds

Nigel and Boris

27/11/14 - 30/11/14

I have continued to do experiments, and thought about doing some stuff on photoshop, also On my way home down one of the streets I have to walk down there were several crates left by the side of the pavement, in them there were lots of alcohol bottles, wine and beer and so on I thought these looked really cool and would come in handy, for this unit as they are free and also second hand technically, as they have been used by people, whats inside of them has been taken out (drunk) and the container now has become priceless to the owner, but someone else may find them valuable, like me to use for art. I thought I could use them all and with a glue gun secure them together or do something weird/ interesting with them.

I read the text on moodle called Ways of Seeing by John Berger, I found the opening sentence very powerful, 'Seeing comes before words, the child looks and recognises before if can speak.' I thought this was interesting to think about how we can take our speech for granted and babies can't speak yet and have to speak, they find it a struggle at first and find it really hard to say what they mean or also spelling. But when we get older as adults were so well spoken and aliterate, that we take small things for granted. I found the pictures interesting also how the word in the picture, you would think should be describing the picture, but it was nothing to do with the image, a complete contrast. One of the images said 'the wind' with a picture of a clock, it was very intriguing and made you question it and think what the ideas could be behind it.  It spoke about things being related to art, like assumptions of beauty, truth, civilisation, status and taste. I found the way these words were listed had been given importance, and that we were to analyse the word or give it more attention than necessary or deserved. All the images were in black and white and faded which gave it an old world, type of historic effect. It gave it more sense of power that it was too important and the colour had been hidden from us that we couldn't discover it and it didn't want to be discovered. It was a very interesting text to look at.

There was a powerpoint presentation also for the witness project which showed several artists works, one was by Sophie Calle called 'Detective'  it was also in black and white like the images I had seen previously, there were several pictures like a collection of people walking around, it made me feel as though I was following this person round and spying on them as I could only see them from behind and in the near distance, it was a weird circumstance. I particularly liked the piece by Oscar Munoz 'Línea del destino (Line of destiny). 2006, Single screen projection'  it showed a hand and inside the cupped hand was something that looked like a raindrop or a puddle of water in his hand, which was see through but then had the face of a man on it. I felt the image was gloomy as it was in black and white, and seemed depressing for some reason as rain can be associated with depression, and I can image the man just looking down at his hand peering into it, and not happy with what he sees or who is looking back at him.



Part 1



This week the brief will be ‘Ordinary Extraordinary’. This is going to be a project lasting two weeks, which should be fun as it means more time to develop ideas and come up concepts. I will be thinking of ideas and conducting experiments. I will analyse the term ordinary and extraordinary, on first thought I think of something normal and then something else completely different and very strange. On moodle in the brief it says our thoughts, could be emotional, philosophical, physical, conceptual, narrative or political. I can think about what range of materials I will use and what will drive me to be inspired throughout this unit. Thinking about artists research and reflecting back to pieces of work and media. I can analyse artists work by thinking what techniques they use like repetition in Francis Bacons Work and how he likes to use triptych. It says in the brief we may come up and develop one outcome or several with a series.


Today as a group we went to Chelsea Library and Tate Britain. At Tate I really liked the contemporary pieces, I found that the oil paintings I wasn't so bothered about as I thought I had seen better paintings previously at the London Art Gallery. I saw the work of Francis Bacon, it was very discerning and had strong emotion. The colours were dark and the piece looked gloomy, but there was something overwhelming and immediate about the piece. There were three paintings next to each other which seemed to make the other all effect aesthetically stronger. It was enjoyable walking through, several rooms, that you could walk through, which meant you could only see limited pieces at a time which made the experience seem more special. I was really impressed with some of the pieces they looked so contemporary and more modern than recent art pieces that I have seen, I loved the piece by Francis Bacon as I haven't seen a lot of his work in real life, almost mostly on the internet. We then went into a special room in Chelsea Library, where we were able to view special books which were books that were created to be 'artworks'. It was interesting to view them, some had humour, pictures writing. I really liked one book in particular which I felt I could relate to it was about art students, by Les Coleman it was about the struggles of art students. It was really humorous, there were lots of statements in the book, one was, 'I can't wait for this course to end' which I could understand somewhat as lots of people have a love hate relationship with art, having 'art rage' you can become really inspired by subjects and topics, and do lots of work and investigating that you start to get bored of it, or sometimes you can't think of what to do, or have mind blanks, and then other times, your full of ideas, that you can't stop thinking of. Inspired by this book I started writing my own statements like: 'I can't do this', 'follow the path', 'Im gonna quit you can't stop me', 'this is rubbish', 'art world can't handle me' and  'my work will not be ready is that ok?'. For the last statement about work not being ready I thought of how when I was younger I read lots of books, where school children had lots of stupid excuses for why they hadn't done their homework, but the real reason was because they couldn't be bothered, but they never admitted to this. In my sketchbook I put down some ideas that I thought of myself and also some excuses that I read on the internet, they were funny and very entertaining. One was 'crocodile ate my homework', another which I found most funny and bizarre was 'We ran out of toilet paper at my house my dad isn't feeling good he grabbed it in a rush haven't seen it since.' this is such a 'joke' its so funny and unbelievable at the same time could possible be true.... possibly. The last one was 'Dinosaur beat me and robbed me I said my homework was better than his. I ran I didn't want to be got.' I wanted to create jokey statements like the book had and replicate the humour and irony. 'Follow the path' reminded me of The Wizard Of Oz where they follow the brick road thats incomplete, thats sometimes how people can feel like something not right or their hearts not always in it. 

Tate- Francis Bacon


Today I drew out some ideas, and listed ideas, Ive done a few experiments. This project is 2 weeks long which will be nice to have more time to explore ideas in more depth. The brief is Ordinary, Extraordinary I have listed a number of random ideas in my book, one idea I particularly found interesting and humorous was how peoples heads could get stuck in weird places, and I watched a tv programme where the ambulance were called to a house to help a man that had a toilet brush stuck up his bum, he supposedly said he fell on it and that's how it happened. I thought of odd behaviours and how people are perceived in society and what different responses different objects get. I am going to carry on thinking of ideas and doing some experiments. I did lots of more drawings in my sketchbook, I did a drawing of a person with lots of hands making things, sometimes when you have so much to do you wish there were lots of replicas of yourself or robots to get things done, and achieve big ambitions that you have constantly doing the one thing that matters, work, work, work ,work, work, work. I thought about machines, and also how I've heard people complaining about jobs and how machines are replacing people in situations, like when you go into loads of shops now theres self server tills, where people can serve themselves, and less staff are needed, in these shops that have these machines, I've sometimes only seen one or 2 people on the tills as theres no need for lots of staff. I thought about weird scenarios like if you had lots of hands you'd look like a tree, it made me think we look the way we do for a reason/purpose, and if we looked any different we'd look silly. Continuing from the funny ideas from the book, I continued to think of funny ideas. I was inspired by the TV show friends, when Joey got his head stuck in a turkey at christmas, and it made me think people are always getting stuck in funny places, and I have also read incidents like this in newspapers, I read how a girl had got stuck down a drainpipe because she dropped her phone down there and tried to retrieve it. I google searched dumb ways that people get stuck, quite a number of funny scenarios came up, including a pumpkin on a head, bucket on head, then I decided for even more humour to come up with my own which included a sink on head, fence on head, head on ass, tree on head and bath on head, just coming up with ideas that didn't even make sense or couldn't see how it could even possibly happen. From these scenarios I drew some pictures with images I printed from online on clip art. I also thought of the kids tv programme on cbbc called dumb ways to die, which shows really weirdly funny or stupid ways to die, I think it was on horrible histories, so obviously people could be very stupid and unknowledgeable back in those days. 


Today I spoke to the tutors about my work and they were encouraging and gave me advice on my book and ways of looking for information. I did more ideas in my book. We had a small art crit where we said what our ideas were so far and we got advice and suggestions which was helpful, it was interesting to see the vast range of ideas everyone had, everyones ideas and concepts were very different and some unusual. I got some good feedback on my work. Walking around London I was observant and saw how on the trains people were bored and kept looking around and making eye contact- where else is there to look? Being trapped in small places, not talking but facing each other is very strange and uncomfortable, many people get bored of fall asleep. I saw a lot of people around canary wharf sleeping more than I had seen in other places- canary wharf is a business area and these people may be working very hard because they were falling asleep and lying all over the place. I saw a man who was missing his arm- limb and he was playing the guitar, people saw him and were eager to give him money, some people walked passed and came back to him and gave him money, I thought the fact that he didn't have an arm and was playing a guitar made people more willing to give money. You see in other countries and films like slum dog millionaire where they blind kids on purpose and cripple them to make people more willing to give and feel sorry for them. I saw a woman who was dressed strange and wearing a weird cage hat, lots of people were staring at her and intrigued because its not the usual attire that people wear and she was an older lady. She got lots of funny looks from men especially. These and other events and ideas are going to inspire my project. 


I'm enjoying doing this project for 2 weeks, I feel I am able to emotionally connect with the work more and look at concepts and ideas in more depth. I have done some notes in my sketchbook and have been more observant of aspects around me when walking around in public. I have been inspired by artists work I have seen and newspaper articles. I have started a project working outside painting on my garden fence. I want to create a background of interest for taking photos of objects in front of. I want it to look contemporary and full of interest. I looked at Richard Jacksons Work, which I loved, I hadn't seen his work before and I was so excited to discover his work, it was full of colour, it was amazing, messy but controlled and looked planned and truly thought out, it was awesome. I loved the weirdness of it and the fact that it didn't make sense to me. It looked like a kids play area where you could just have fun and express yourself in a way that no one could control or tell you not to. It felt like a liberating space where you could be yourself. I love the messiness of it and also how there is a plastic baby sitting in the corner with paint all over it as if it is the culprit. I love the use of the material, the fact that its mixed media, theres a lot going on, it makes me feel like I could live in the space, its eye-catching, and theres so much to look at, there isn't just one focus, theres lots of points of interest. It looks like a play room with the happy paintings on the walls, and rainbows and swirls, it looks like a happy place to be and theres a random pink horse, with a yellow girl hugging the random pink horse with no face.

I actually saw one of his pieces, called 'Beer Lamp' at The Frieze Art Fair, his work was exhibited in a London Gallery which is cool to find out. Its of an upside down bear with some kind of funnel sticking out of its bottom and face, it made me think maybe its changing the way the body works to food going in the bottom and coming out the face. This made me think of the comment that was said on celebrity juice that Katie Hopkins 'shit' (other word poo) came out her mouth, thats how she stayed skinny because she was offending overweight people that they should shove less in their gobs. Also for some reason made me think of the human centipede which is a very disturbing film, how he tries to change the purpose for the body or how it works. 


I have thought of various ideas that I noted down that I could do, like edit or create a video by making a magical scene, thinking of weird horses I thought of the tv programme Bo Jack Horseman, a dancing horse like surrealism with different heads with the intention of creating humour and peculiarity for a magical scene. I thought of lots of vines I have watched lately which seem really funny and seem to entertain people greatly, they are short and straight to the point which is why people love them so much, they don't ramble on and are contemporary, its interesting though because some of the videos I've watched remind me of fine art so much, like one video someone 'had' diarrhoea and then did lots of poos on the floor but it was loads of eggs falling on the floor that cracked and squelched once they reached the ground it was very weird and bizarre but reminded me a lot of fine art, and how theres loads of online entertainers these days doing art type things, maybe not even realising it and some are genius.  One video I saw was a video on harassment with a woman walking down the street getting so many comments on her beauty and people following her at one stage or approaching her. I saw videos of this replicated but with different looking people, one woman dressed in her muslim hijab and then without, with her muslim clothing on she got no comments or abuse, she was walking through the street as if she was invisible, then without her clothing she got lots of looks and comments on her appearance by men appreciating what she looked like. Another one was a man wearing a horse head mask on, lots of neigh comments were made and lots of staring, its interesting how people can be nosey or take such an interest in other people. It was interesting to see also how people can look down on others due to appearance, and reflects on society how we can be so judgemental and its interesting to think about what stereotypes surround each object, animal, different culture, different looking person, like different types of racism on each society. Like how different animals can be singled out like a panda or bear, polar bear. There can be different responses and preconceived ideas and notions about various objects. I read how at a museum at night a man dressed up in a bear costume and people thought that a bear had got out and escaped and become trapped in there, which is funny to think that would be peoples first ideas or explanations to that incident by inventing their own scenario. I could do this and explore different objects and analyse different animals, by playing dress up to relate or creating images. 

One idea that I had was that people like to put you down in life and stop you from succeeding, I played on this idea by thinking you can achieve whatever you want, nothings impossible and you can be whatever you want to be, by playing on this factor I drew a sketch in my book of a girl but her body as a truck, she always wanted to be a truck, people told her it was impossible but she finally became one, and no one could tell her she wasn't because she was. I wrote the words 'Im a truck.'I have then took this image and wanted to create it in a bigger scale. I chose to paint the wall/fence in my garden. It will take a while and I will have to leave it to dry to layer over different colours so I will start early on it. I have looked at the weather forecast and it isn't going to rain this week which is excellent as it may hinder my work, I'm not sure how it would look or how bad it would look if it rains. I am using a lot of paint and a range of sized paintbrushes and tools including dustbin brush to create a tacky effect. I'm going to paint all along the wall for a background. Because my concept was that I was going to get an animal and stick it on a model volunteer (human body) for it to pose, I wanted an interesting background for it to be in front of. I managed to get a giant panda for free of a website online, Im going to cut it up and use the head and place onto someone, I thought I could have the panda riding a bike in front of the background. I will have to use stuffing, to stuff inside the panda as once its cut it will become deflated. 


I have continued painting, I have started to paint another wall as well, I have a vision in my head of how it will look at the end, which I am working towards, I want to go to the charity shop as well and buy a few items to contribute to the piece. I have thought possibly of making 3dish sculptures to go on the wall. I thought of making out of plaster, but that may be too heavy so I could use tape and card, or paper and skrew it up and make it very 3d and create interest. Full of colour. I experimented with the idea of having sculptures on some area of the wall, I tried to use rough card/paper and stick it on with tape but it didn't want to stick and it didn't actually create a nice effect it just ended up looking rubbish. I had an idea, from when I was coming home from London there was a man playing the guitar and he didn't have a hand, just a limb, everyone was intrigued by him, appreciating him and giving him money probably influenced or feeling sorry for him as he lacked a hand. I took this image and printed it off, I printed it off twice by accident, so I felt like I should do something with the second copy in order to not waste the printing ink. so I cut it up in different shapes and pattern and reorganised the image and presented it in a new different way, I thought it was interesting how each image was the same but could be appreciated for a different reason. I thought this could be transformed into an idea, and how I could transform other normal or possibly boring image into something creative or more interesting. On this journey I went into the business, busy side of London, it was funny to see on the trains how many people fell asleep, looked tired and drained, or were already resting sleeping peacefully in this busy hostile, noisy environment it showed their urgency to grab an opportunity to rest. One person next to me was sleeping next to me almost falling in her lap and onto me, the train stations were packed, and there were queues waiting for the train to come, I had to wait for the second train, once going home from oxford circus I had to wait for about 4 trains before I could get on and even then it was very packed, lots of people in London being very busy, it was interesting to take notice more of things happening around me, I think the witness unit influenced this, and got me to think about taking more notice of little things and drawing inspiration from anything or anywhere.


I have continued working on project and planning ideas and researching. For some reason, I am drawn to weird art and things that aren't usual to be seen. Lots of artists work can copy others or take ideas from them, end up being very simialr but I like things that I haven't seen before that I can think about and think what the heck it could be, I like thinks that I don't understand, I don't like things that I can understand or think of what it could be. I like art that challenges me and my understanding of art, something memorable. I also love Richard Jackson's horse on the toilet its so weird and random, it looks so contemporary and I like how the colours black and white have been used which usually are viewed as being old fashioned or traditional colours, but they look so wacky in this format, the use of colours look smart but intriguing. I like the contrast in the colour of the horses head, it is obviously suggestive that this is the most important part of the piece because of this. Its also strange how the horse is the woman sitting naked on the toilet with her hands down the toilet, not something people usually do. Interesting to think also though how people don't like toilets and they can be very germ, but when someones drunk and throwing up they lie all over them, lay their head down on them and take a nap and also supporting their hands on it, suddenly in a despite state the toilet has become their best friend, and the thing they want or need.   

Working outside in cold environments


I am going to try and get all the work done for the review to show on Thursday. It's a lot to do I'm not sure if I will complete it for then or have to finish it after. I am going to try my best, or I may have to show an alternative idea I had of mixing up lots of images to create a new image, or just present the wall. I will be working on it today. Its a very hard environment to work in because at the moment the weather has been so windy which has made it even colder, its freezing to work outside, because I've just been standing still painting for ages. I also found the artist Francisco Rangel I liked the artwork because it showed different images of women with different animals heads on their bodies like a bird, monkey and chicken. I thought this was interesting to see from the perspective that I was thinking of different heads. Although all the women were naked which I didn't think was necessary, and lots of artists works that I have seen, all this stuff about free the nipple also I find stupid, and all this feminism rubbish I find stupid and attention seeking, women trying to glorify themselves and gain power when I actually think, find and pretty sure that this world is run by men and that they have more power than women, in work situations, in life, its a fact that men are taller and stronger than women and should be higher respected in some ways by women. 


Today is the day before crit, in which I need to get my work finished in, at this stage I only found a panda toy at the last minute so wasn't able to do anything with this in time, so I came up with an alternate piece, I used images that I took of the wall, and also used an image from inside my house late at night looking out into the garden, it was interesting also to see the weird wall in a normal scenario, background. In the image it shows the reflection from inside my house, of the clock and sink in my kitchen, which merges with the outside in my garden of the wall which shows the girl, this creates a really weird effect, and intriguing. I wasn't entirely happy with this outcome, but I had to have something to show, to get feedback on also, I would have liked to show something wackier but it can't be helped, I think I created something that was 'csm' style that isn't my style or what I would like to see or think anything of. I will be finishing it. I saw and researched the work of Pascale Marthine Tayou, which I found very strange, I loved the colour and the strange aspects of it. I couldn't figure out what materials were used or how everything was made which is what intrigued me, I like how a tree stump was used, something normal and turned into something completely different, changing the purpose and the appearance. I like how deranged it looks and abnormal, its very intriguing.


Development of Piece So Far

Development of Piece

Creating a strange world amongst the normalities of every day life. Anything can be possible.

Development of Piece

Development of Piece


Having prepared my work the evening before, in the morning I went in and deliberated over how I would present my work. I decided I wanted to keep it simple. Everyone was finding a space in the room, most work pieces were exhibited on the wall, in the end I found a empty space to present my pictures, I had 3 photographs which I presented. There was variety of work presented, of different sizes, some people took up a lot of space with their work which left less space for others. We did a crit in groups within the class, it was interesting to see the different styles and form my own opinions on what I thought the subject topic could be. Being given the same project topic if was eye opening to see the variety of work produced by everyone. It was good to go around and give and hear feedback on each piece and some comments that were made were very fascinating, about how they thought they could have done the piece differently or give constructive feedback and to see how some comments I agreed with and others I didn't.

As I made this piece as my final design because I didn't have enough time to complete my full project I didn't think a lot of what I produced, as I just made it so I would have something to show for the day and have something to talk about. I was interested to seeing what people would say about it as I didn't like it and think much of it. I got both positive and negative feedback. 

Comments were:

The clock in the pictures gave a sense of time, they seemed to be more drawn to the clock and thinking that the 3 images were possibly relating to past, present and future. They commented on the use of the colour, the blue through the picture gave an interesting contrast against the black and white colour. There was contemplations that the image of the woman looked like a ghost. (I thought the effect of the reflection of the window, in and out was interesting, it meshed two different atmospheres together. It made the picture look peculiar and not so obvious what the image was of and was reflected.) Or an underwater submarine the way its layer out in series. There were comments on how on the middle image there were lots of lines and one line ran in line with a line on the wall that was behind it and how the image had been formed into an image with the background. People wondered whether it was deliberate or if there was any significance. How the image looks like part of the wall. They suggested an idea that I could get a marker and draw a line over it in coloured marker to make it more obvious and seem more significant. Another comment was that there was too much going on the picture and that it looked fussy, there wasn't really a focus point, also the pictures could be bigger as they were quite small. Suggestions of changing the colour, to a blue filter to contrast from the colours. Past- present- black and white- present, colour- transition. Concepts to do with memory. One idea was that it was to do with Greek Mythology how when people die strings, or lines are cut. In the picture some aspects and objects were more noticeable than others. There was contemplation whether there would be a different effect in how I spread the images and whether there would be the same connection. Someone said the image was too small and too much detail but someone else said they liked the fact that it was small and had detail as it makes you look closely and draws you in and if it was bigger it would be too obvious what it was, the fact that its small makes it more intriguing. People played a guessing game as to the objects that they thought were in the images, whether it was a TV or a sink, whether there was an antenna or radio. Comments that it looked like a film or something that was filmed previously or snapshots from a films.

It was interesting to here these comments as I could see whether I agreed with the feedback as it wasn't my finished outcome.

After the crit I watched The White Show which was the fashion show, it was spectacular, the music and the way the performance was constructed was amazing how you looked up at the people and they were all walking in white garments looked really cool. The clothes were edgy yet delicate and feminine. 

Not really understanding who you are. Peoples perception of yourself, where you stand in the world what your purpose is- reflection of yourself, analysing who you are, not listening to people that say you can't achieve anything. You can be whatever u want


I've just finished the Ordinary Extraordinary unit and I have my progress tutorial soon, on the 16th which will be interesting to get feedback on. Ive been inspired by the art pieces that Ive seen and have really enjoyed the unit. Ive enjoyed doing the research and I've discovered artists that I hadn't heard of before whose artworks I really like.  It will also be nice to have a break from work over the christmas holidays, it'll give me some time to think about the unit that I will be doing when I get back.

Fine Art Part 2


Final Outcome(Panda+Wall)

Final Outcome(Panda+Wall)

Loads of Pandas


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