Today was my progress tutorial, I went in with the work that I had done so far, I hadn't been well which meant there was work I needed to catch up on which the tutor appreciated. My tutor seemed to really like the amount of research I had done, and said the artists that I looked at were good, and it was good that I was looking at interesting artists and not artists that you would look at A Level. I was pleased with this, as in the first section of the course I found it took me a while to understand what was expected of me, I wasn't sure how different it would be from my BTEC course, but I feel I have a better understanding now after being in the course for quite a while now, I feel I'm getting the hang of it and starting to relax more and just enjoy it and do work that I want to create.


My statement for UCAS is due on Friday, so I will be proof reading it and finalising any mistakes, this will be my concentration for the next few days. I went to LCF library to get some books to help me with my research and also CSM library. I decided to apply for Fine Art and also hair and makeup as Ive always really enjoyed the creative and academic aspect of art but have never found a medium that I am really inspired by or want to specialise in, which is why I love the idea of looking at hair and makeup, I enjoy it since I have been young, but its taken me a while to fully realise my interest, its like Fine Art but specialising in a specific medium, thats how I view it, its exciting. Because of this for my next units I will be looking at these ideas and incorporating them into my work. Its exciting.


After hard work this week, I have finished my statement and sent it off to UCAS today, I wasn't sure if there was a time deadline on Friday so I sent it off to be on the safe side. Unfortunately because I've finished it at this stage I haven't been able to ask my tutor for feedback but I got my family to help me check for spelling and grammar, so I'm feeling confident about it. I really enjoyed writing the statement and have learnt a lot from the process, and it confirmed my desire to study the subject I am applying to. I came to the revelation that I want to use the mediums hair and make up within the creative industry. I went to the library and looked at books of hair and make up to draw inspiration from to help me write my statement. A lot of the pictures I saw were contemporary and full of vibrant colour. I am going to do a subject related topic for my next unit. I'm going to need to plan my portfolio and get ready for upcoming interviews. I can now concentrate on my work over the holidays and catch up with aspects of work and I have had a look at the Christmas project which I will have to start working on.


Today I am going to begin catching up on work, and I have final pieces to finalise, when these are done I will evidence. The painted wall which I created was to be the background/backdrop in the photos that I took. In front of these walls I was going to use a model and alter their appearance, I wanted the whole image to be confusing and strange. Looking at different aspects of the appearance, and how the image can be altered depending in what you wear and how the body is presented.

Looking at the Exchange Christmas Project, the example artists given, I liked the art from artists: 

Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle Time/Bank, Alternative Economy, 2009-ongoing 

I liked the colourful squares which made up the building and gave the appearance that it had been constructed using lots of these coloured blocks. It reminded me of The 3 Little pigs, where they had to build their houses, and all pigs used different materials and turned out to have a different durability. The way this building is constructed, the colour, and blocks cheapen the appearance of the building, and deceives you into thinking what type of materials have been used, to me it looks as if it is a tent, which would not hold up under all weather situations, but on closer consideration, I can see there is a glass door attached to the building, and a walkway, which makes me think the building has been specially placed in the middle of an environment for a purpose and that it intends to stay there forever or a long time. 

Thinking of exchange meaning 'transaction' or 'interaction' makes me think of people and the communication we have with them also the environment and travelling. By asking us to draw and record, this makes me think we are looking around at society to gather research, but I can think of a specific aspect that I want to record, rather than recording just anything. I can create my own interpretation of aspects I want to investigate.


I saw a man playing in a station, with two puppets, I thought it was different and had a retro, old school type of vibe. It was different to what I had seen previously and it was fairly humorous also. It was so busy going to oxford circus, and it was funny to see people taking pictures using selfie sticks which seem to be very popular at the moment. It was interesting to look around and see all the advertising and shop window displays. John Lewis had funny penguins in their windows with clothes over their heads and doing entertaining things. You could tell stores had really thought about how to entice people, as at christmas lots of people are buying lots of presents and also things for themselves. It was interesting to see all the signs, and special offers and sales that shops had to entice people and make them spend money on things that they really don't even need.


I had a look on moodle at the exchange project brief. I was told on my assessment day that we had a christmas project we had to do over the holidays. We have to use a few pictures and create a small book with them, related to the term exchange. We were told that the word exchange means a type of interaction and could be that is could be swapping, buying, selling. Like in a selling situation like a shopping experience you buy products and then if find them faulty or change your mind you can get your money back, sometimes you can only if you keep the receipt and return it in a certain number of days and has to be in perfect condition if it isn't faulty. Some shops I've noticed are more lenient than others in returning and getting your money back. I looked on moodle and it says' In Christopher Marlowe’s story of Doctor Faustus, the eponymous central character sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power, experience, pleasure and knowledge.' Ive seen this and its quite chilling and turns out that he shouldn't have sold his soul in the end. It makes you think more about aspects of the world and see that things can be glorified and desired like greed, but once you have it you don't care about it anymore. Like children and toys, they really want a toy, they love it at first but then over time get bored of it and throw it away, and then you grow up even more and care for toys no longer. For the booklet I'm not sure what type of exchange I will do, it is a very broad word so I don't see why it has to become controlled and narrowed down to what you can do, and I can experiment with the word or do aspects of exchange from my depiction or understanding of the term. I could explore, selling but within selling aspects of it like advertising which strongly sway people to whether they will buy something or not. Also slogans like, Loreal Paris... because your worth it, and so on. Also looking at suggestions on moodle I could explore commodity, sacrifice, cause and effect, consumerism and commodity.



I got my makeup done at Mac it was an hour and a half session and they showed me what to do and recommended the best products for me.  It was interesting to learn and could help to inspire me for the exchange unit. I got natural makeup


Today I went to The Saatchi Gallery. I was impressed to see the work there, it was the most interesting I had seen so far. They had done renovation to the inside of the building, the layout was changed and it felt more inviting as the rooms were made smaller and sectioned off instead of being huge. There was a lot more work exhibited than usual also, making most of the space. There was a lot of sculpture, a lot more than paintings, which was nice to see as usually the work is mostly paintings and the styles are similar, there was a lot of variety and mixed media and materials used. On the wall there was information also about the concepts and a bit of information about the pieces. One piece I liked was of a toilet which looked like it had been made from lots of pieces of leather. Also there was adaptations of Pop Art pieces, including from Andy Warhol's toilet, there was a toilet made from what gave the appearance of gold and also a few smaller ones which looked like they had been sculpted fairly messy and painted in different colours. The leather looking toilet was by the artist Vladimir Kozin, it was called The Toilet, 2013, made from rubber and wire 122x82x82. I liked how the materials used wasn't the materials I initially thought had been used. 

 There was various concepts and a different concept in each room. There were very interesting concepts, and I was surprised to see a lot of dictatorship type art pieces filling one of the rooms, I don't often see such works when I go to galleries, and this was very intriguing. One room was called 'Habitat' which explained: 'Pop Art looks closely at the way we live, focussing on the man-made environment and the mass-produced artefacts within it. Whether humble or with aspirations to glamour worn from use or immaculately new, familiar to the point of banality or exaggerated in their Kitsch appeal, domestic spaces and their associated contents have continued both to fascinate and repel artists whose aesthetic vision has been formed partly in response to Pop.

Another room was about Advertising and Consumerism: 'After years of wartime and post-war austerity, the opening of the floodgates to advertising and eager consumerism first in America during the 1950s and slightly belatedly in Britain introduced a rich new spectacle for Pop Artists to present in their art. Artists born during or after that period in the West took this for granted while sometimes casting a more cynical or dubious glance over the 'aesthetics of plenty'. For Russian and Chinese artists whose lives were formed under Communist regimes the situation has been even more complicated and nuanced given the parallels they have witnessed between political propaganda and the embrace of a market-led economy that have transformed their societies in recent decades. 

Another room was about Ideology and religion. It was the room I found most interesting and the sculptures and figures really popped out, filled and controlled the room, it set an atmosphere. The concept was about 'the ideological barriers confronted by artists in Russia and China particularly through to the 1980s were such powerful sources that the artists working there could harpy fail to address them, particularly if they were choosing to avail themselves of strategies associated with western Pop Art as these alignments were themselves ideologically loaded. In the UK and USA a more overtly political stance or engagement with religion surfaced only occasionally. These loaded subjects have nevertheless remained a powerful point of reference, particularly for Russian and Chinese artists seeking to define their position in relation to the recent past.'

I found these concepts interesting and powerful, the use of colours, black and red left a serious impression, some were humorous, but done in a serious way which made it more intriguing. Another room was about Mass Media: 'Celebrity culture came into its own during the 1950s and 1960s as an intrinsic by-product of the imagery and information fed to the public through the many channels of the mass media: magazines, newspapers, photography, television and the cinema. However manipulated and enhanced this synthetic version of reality now dictates our responses to the world to such a degree as to have become the sounding-board against which many artists measure their place in the world.

The last room was Art History: The notion of making art about art was central to the work of some of the original Pop artists following on logically as it did from the freedom with which they adapted their imagery from the frames of comic strips, advertisements, product designs and other existing objects. For subsequent generations the appropriation and reinterpretation of existing artistic languages including that of Pop Art itself has become an essential strategy through which to withstand the weight of art history while acknowledging the difficulty of creating new and wholly original ways of seeing. 

I saw Jeff Koons' work also which were two pieces that I hadn't seen face to face before. It was of the basketballs, and when I moved looking at them the size and angle they were at seemed to change which created an illusion. There were a few porn type pictures which I didn't like or agree with, I don't think you can say sexually explicit images are art. I do not agree the term that art can be anything its just an excuse to let you make and present whatever you want.


From going to the Saatchi Gallery, I was inspired by the artwork which personally I think its the best work they've ever had for their standards, usually I find most of their work boring, or very similar style and lots of paintings, this time I went there were so many sculptures and they've also changed the layout of the rooms so instead of having loads of huge spaces, they were broken up into smaller rooms which I preferred and it felt more personal. Also from going to the mac cosmetics I felt inspired, by listening to other people and taking tips from them. I thought about advertising and how the products are there but the profits wouldn't be as great if people weren't there selling them. I used photos for my exchange and also extra pictures I took of my sister, I did really quick stupid makeup on her, I started out doing it pretty and got bored and thought of ways to make her look stupid, she couldn't see what she looked like most of the time so I found it really funny, it felt as though I was doing a prank or something naughty that she'd get annoyed about, I drew huge black eyes on her and lipstick and started to draw flowers on her face, some aspects of the makeup looked really pretty and other aspects looked really tacky and stupid. I enjoyed it though it was a funny experience. For me I thought about products and advertising, how when you view and advert or buy something on the box it shows an image of what the product will achieve and you think wow how beneficial this product will be or your convinced by the advertising and think this is expensive, but I'm worth it. You end up buying the product and taking it home and it does nothing like what it says it will or you can't achieve the desired effect yourself. Like when Ive gone into stores and the store assistants will do my makeup, they make it look amazing your so happy you buy the product you take it home and find that its rubbish or doesn't achieve the same effect, or that you have to buy more products to achieve the look.


I referred to the brief on moodle again. It says how it will be a two week project which will be nice as I will able to spend more time, planning and executing my ideas. There were questions put to us on moodle to think about so I thought it would be useful to answer these questions as I may find it helpful to get my mind starting to think about related topics.


  • What acts of exchange are you already aware of? selling, buying, stealing, advertising, market, bidding, auction

  • What kind of transactions do you do everyday/regularly? buy products, working in a job so selling and persuading customers to by products and recommending. 

  • What is the impact and implication of an exchange? profit, loss, gain something valuable, loose something valuable like in a bet.

  • What is currency? What is its purpose? money, you can't do a lot with out it, some stuff is free in life but lots you have to buy for everyday needs and purposes.

  • What alternative economies exist? not really sure I understand this question or can think of anything to answer.

  • How can a simple exchange produce a significant change? you can be a lot richer like working in a trade company, or in banks when you get bonuses, by robbing a house get lots of money. by stealing you can get caught and go to prison, then find it hard living in the world when you get out, can't find a home, work or have lack of money.


Having chosen my photos I will take my book in on monday, when we will be discussing our outcomes in groups and it will be interesting to see what ideas people have and how they've presented their groups, and to talk about what we've done. On moodle there were three different images from artists that on the brief were used as examples.  One was a kind of time ban full of colour in the middle of nowhere which reminds me of the ordinary extraordinary unit. I have started to collect ideas from research influenced by the saatchi gallery when I looked around and also from when I went to mac cosmetics.


I thought about peoples ideas of themselves and how everyone has an idea of how they want to look and think they look. E.g Katie Price- she thinks she looks amazing everyone thinks she looks sack, she had so much surgery to change the way she looks thinking she looks better when the majority of the public thought she looked better before, also recently she had more surgery this time to get a breast reduction, never content with the way she looks. But the way people do their hair and makeup can make them look worse or make people prefer them without. I experimented with makeup and paint on my sisters face, at first starting by making her pretty but then changing the makeup to become ugly and uglier and become more stupid. Like makeup gone wrong.- aspirations, what young people wanted to be when they grew up- butterfly, fairy.


Today I did some research and have some ideas for what I am going to do for this unit. I have decided at university I want to study hair and makeup in fashion so I am going to look at this aspect in my work this unit. I have looked online, and I found some humorous images make up related, one image which I can't find, was comparing women to cars, before a woman had her makeup on she was a really cheap looking car, then after she put her makeup on she was a really expensive car. I found this really funny, although some may see it as offensive. Yesterday I did a mac course, showing how to apply makeup on the face, I thought I can use images from this for my upcoming unit as inspiration, and also played about with aspects of the face and manipulation. Having a made up face. - sculpture- materials- diamond like- shine bright like a diamond- women goals- wishes. - if a rich man want ya.... and ya man can't do nothing for ya..


Today was the first day back at school. In the morning there was a visit to the CSM museum in the morning, we looked at objects, they were ranged at different prices and had various sentimental value. It included a dress by Alexandra McQueen which was really interesting and fascinating to see. It was black and simple. We were each allocated an object to observe, make notes on and draw from. The one I looked at was an embroidery, It was really old from the 1690's so it looked really dirty and to me gave the impression of being tacky, it could well be expensive and have a lot of sentimental value but it looked cheap. It made me think of my idea that I had before about being expensive, or a "classy" person making themselves look dirt cheap... (prostitutes... can't judge, don't know background, history. ect.) In the image there were 5 women, 4 sheep, 3 rabbits, parrot, dog, flowers.

To me the women looked like courtesans, or reminded me of them. It looks like girls at play or like 'womens roles' not doing much, just picking roses, being jolly and not doing a lot, there was no sign of any men. The fact that no one knew the purpose of what it was or its purpose, made it hard to come to conclusions on it or become, inspired or interested, even if we knew the artist it would make it more intriguing. The college bought it as a teaching prop for an embroidery course which was one of the first classes at CSM, its interesting to think many CSM students saw the piece before hand and came to their own conclusions, the fact as well that this piece is exclusive as can only be viewed at the college, and how few of the objects lost value if they were removed from the building. The embroidery hadn't been well preserved and the inks had faded, some more than others. It had silk threads and also the daylight can effect the ink. In a group afterwards we discussed how it could be a decorative piece. and how time may add significance to the piece, time may improve the value, the dust and dirt can be important to this factor. If wiped or cleaned I feel it would ruin the piece and the history attached to it. We thought about whether it mattered if it had been hand stitched or created by a machine. In groups, we discussed the books that we made over Christmas holidays, my book I used pictures from when I did nice make up and when I did ghastly horrible make up.

I thought about the exchange of knowledge, and telling people things, and learning from others, the fascination to learn from other people. On the train going to school there was a man who started a random conversation with another man he didn't know who got on the train, talking about the government, voicing his opinion, telling information, the man he was talking to was polite but didn't seem to interested, behind me a man who was listening to earphones started singing fairly loudly quite badly 'hallelujah' from the film shrek. This was humorous, that also people can communicate without, looking at someone or sometimes speaking. You can communicate by just looking at someone or just talking to someone without looking at them. We also wrote down on paper a few artists who we were inspired by and what aspects we were inspired by, I thought aesthetically I liked the colour of Jeff koons work and the messy old, modern tones in Francis Bacon, I wrote I was inspired by literature, history and society. I think this unit will be interesting as we will be having to sell our work at the end of the project.   


Today at CSM as a group I went to the museum at CSM. There were several objects that we looked at, including a dress by Alexander McQueen, this was really exciting. We each looked at one object and studied it, and observed the detail. The One I looked at was an embroidery, there wasn't a lot of information that the tutors had on it, so I think it made me think differently about the piece because there was limited information on the specific art piece. The embroidered piece was old from the 1960's and the colour of the inks had faded in some places, and to me looked dirty like a doormat. The price was unknown, but it was interesting to know that it was used as a teaching prop for a textiles class which was one of the first subjects taught at CSM. The embroidery was of women, animals and flowers and the detail in it was varied. The texture looked a bit matted in places. The colours were dull, probably due to age. Later in groups we discussed what we thought of it, we agreed that if it had been cleaned or made to look brighter and new then in a way it would be ruined, all the age and the journey of the piece would be taken away which made it unique, even if it was to be dusted. We also wrote down ideas for final ideas. As we are going to be selling the objects, I may make a few extra objects, not to sell related to this unit, to also possibly show at interviews.

For my ideas, I was inspired by false advertising, and saying if you buy certain products, you will get results, loads of products not doing what they say they will, or not being as good as they're made out to be. I need to find out more information about selling at the end of the unit. But I had an idea to sell beauty products advertising certain things that turn out to look really stupid. I had an idea to make a crown of hair, for the people who suffer from baldness or balding hair, proving to cover the issue and improve the hair(people buy caffeine shampoo) Naming my brand 'I am the fairest of them all'. #fairest 

Creating a Truly Long-lasting Lipstick, for all the lipsticks that claim to last 4 hours etc. its a lie. But by sculpting it, I want everything to seem cheap and not worth it, which a lot of products are but many people are deceived into buying, there so many products people don't know what to buy, which products work and don't - value for money. 

I have bought hair curlers recently, the effect shown in a video I watched and in the image advertised was nothing compared to how the result turned out when I used them on my hair. It only flicked the ends of my hair, very poor result, I took them back to the shop for a refund. But great example of bad products advertised well and people will buy. I also had another idea of making a mirror that had chipped glass, with words on the back saying 'I am the fairest of them all'. Looking all very pretty, I want my products to look interesting, to some extent attractive but very stupid and cheap at the same time. For the Lipstick I thought 'Shine Bright like a Lipstick' was a funny slogan. But I thought when I sell these as part of the concept I could have rubbish advertising of a lady using these products, with lots of makeup on her lips looking stupidly, pretty. With a border saying 'Buy your Beauty here' ... Be the fairest of them all etc. With pictures of the products being used, promising you great effects. And a banner saying 'Only ££' For the hat I was inspired by the Mohican, Kings crown, and it reminded me of a stag in the making of it the way the pictures were shot. 


Today I was at Archway making my Crown. I started by making a wire base and welding it together, I then cut up wire to different sizes to create the mohican effect and welded those onto the base. The wire wasn't a nice, soft material to sit on the head so I wrapped it in material, using a glue gun in the wood workshop. I then used hair extensions that I had and backcombed the hair to make it messy and fuller. I started to glue it onto the material by wrapping it all around the base, I finished wrapping it around but didn't have time to finish so will have to finish it next week. I also cast plaster for the Giant lipstick with a plastic sheet that I rolled up and taped together. I had some plaster left over so cast a big shape like a mirror, I thought if I leave it to dry over night then I can work on it once its set tomorrow. The textures of the crown of hair that I was making keeps reminding me of different things, strangely including the stone age and a godmother from sleeping beauty.

development of Piece So Far

development of Piece So Far

development of Piece So Far- Gluing on Hair

development of Piece So Far- Lipstick

development of Piece So Far- Lipstick

development of Piece So Far-potential mirror broke (dropped it)


I continued in the workshop with the aim to finish the models. I got to the stage where I have almost finished the crown and need to paint the lipstick. I had to use a glue gun and material to secure the hair onto the crown and after moulding the sculpture of the big lipstick had to sculpt it using a saw and various other tools.

For this project I became inspired by the short TV series called 'Hair'  it was creative with hair and people made hats out of hair and all sorts of characters with it, the hair would have a concept behind the style and be daring. 

I was interested by how 'J.D. Ojeikere' used hair design in photographs as art. The collection called hairstyles is amazing that it documents 1000 different hairstyles, they are like Fine Art but in hair which is what I'm fascinated by how Fine Art can be explored through any chosen medium and challenged to what can be achieved. I am interested by how art can be very simple and plain or electrifying and overwhelming looking at the materials, colour and context that is used. Like how hair and makeup can be natural and beautiful or creative and contemporary. The hairstyles are of Nigerian women and shows what creativity can be done with this type of hair. Living in Britain, the two main styles of black hair we see is usually natural or extensions, so this shows how much can be done with the hair and its texture, I think this is interesting as there are many stereotypes of this type of hair which this collection of 'Hairstyles' seems to contrast.

development of Piece So Far

development of Piece So Far

development of Piece So Far

development of Piece So Far


For this unit doing research I have become interested in Fashion, and art but the creative wacky side.  I saw the fashion by Meadham & Kirchoff which I loved. I put the image in my information file but I love the crazy colours and the funny hair designs and makeup, it reminds me of animals aspects of it for some reason or like something from the 80's it looks very cool.  I found an artists work also where they had done a persons face and painted it like makeup but in the style of Francis Bacons piece with the faces. I really liked this, it combines art into the face and makes me view art different in a different medium. Throughout the hole time at A level I have been taught that art can be anything, there are no limits and so on, but recently people have been saying to me are you sure this is art, are you sure this relates, but of course it does. I love the paintings from Francis Bacon it made me think also how I could explore this and look at something like Vincent van goghs work like starry night, make it look very different and give different purposes to the face, it reminded me also again of the artist that uses food to cover the face and completely transform the body so it doesn't even look like a human anymore, I love those ideas.




I explored further various art pieces on my research. I found the work by 'Egon Schiele Self portrait with naked shoulder, again he used the technique and created swirls on the faces, the way its drawn it looks like a sculpture, like of the face and bust, but then with all the colour it looks so real at the same time. I could create my own weird type of sculpture, by moulding a face into a cast and creating a bust with clay and joining them together somehow. I think that could look really cool, play about with it and make it messy maybe using wire and various matters maybe transform it into some kind of mixed media random thing. I like the expression on the face it looks shocked or scared.


I found doing research an image of a man wearing makeup with lots of candles on his head, they were lit and had wax melting down his face, it was amazing. All the stuff like hearing about unisex things, like how Selfridges are now going to do unisex clothing, of 3 floors, so both men and women can go into a shop now and buy whatever they want, you could be walking down the street and see a man wearing the same colourful shirt as you. I don't know if I agree with this and it seems like society is trying to break down boundaries and create their own new rules and styles. I have continued to work on my idea, it was going to be my final outcome explore advertising- or false advertising, and people being misled, or extorted to some extent somewhat.


I did some work in my sketchbook. I drew an image of a womens face using collage, coloured pencils and fashion images, also drawing. I liked the rough effect that it gave. and using the oil pastilles it gave the page a smooth texture. For ideas I had were related to identity that is what I was thinking about, the altering of appearance, the face as art, or body as art. I thought of Picasso and people learning, women wanting to learn. I saw lots of videos on youtube looking at people, design and exploring makeup, looking at the classiness of people, pictures before and after a makeover and before and after running, sweaty and makeup. I was inspired by pattern, and that it can be anywhere when you look around and be drawing inspiration from simply anywhere. For ideas I thought of ugly people and people doing makeup when they look like a clown or just put it on really badly and then think they look awesome, and being vain. I thought how loads of people like to stare and be nosey and viewing others differently, and judging. I thought about the purposes of makeup and preening your hair, lots of guys get it in their head that women look a certain way just to please them which isn't always the case. I thought about desires like, jealousy, lust, giving and stealing. How beauty can be a gift or an exchange, like in the little mermaid, ariel swaps her voice for legs, and in sleeping beauty the fairy godmothers give the gift of beauty as well as other things. I thought of exchange as being like swapping, borrowing, exchanging ideas, tips, beauty tips, so like knowledge. I thought of in wizard of oz she has beauty potions and other various potions, as well as heads, so she can be beautiful in many different ways. So having like magic beauty potions, also beauty like in snow white with 'who is the fairest of them all dear mirror' blah blah kind of thing. It also made me think of how in Shrek, Shrek steals the potion to be handsome and for Fiona to be beautiful because he thought it was the only way they could be happily ever after together, I also love how Joan Rivers is in it giving her opinions on gowns and the way people look, its interesting how children are being fed all these ideas about beauty.


I have continued to work on my Crown of hair which is taking ages to complete and longer than I thought. I have lots of ideas, that I'm trying to do in the time frame that were given at foundation, its interesting and challenging, its very fast paced which is probably what helps to make it so exciting. After Making the iron form in the metal workshop, I used material around the base to make it softer but then I used blonde hair extensions that i had and used a glue gun to wrap it around the material and glue it down the glue also added an interesting effect the the crown. I didn't plan on at first thinking that I would cover the whole crown but I decided in the end that I would cover the crown completely in hair extensions, It was hard doing it on the mohawk section of the crown as I was trying to cover every section which was hard to hide the wire underneath, I had to backcomb the hair a lot which made the hair go a lot further. Im happy with how it looks it looks really magical and awesome.

Development of piece So Far

Development of piece So Far

Development of piece So Far


I am enjoying making the ideas for this unit and drew out pictures, and structures in my book. I really like the thought of sleeping beauty and also the witch in it and making rapunzel prick her finger on the spinner. I think its a funny idea, and I want it to have a feeling or seriousness but also humour at the same time, my final idea outcome once I had made all of the products was to create my own kind of advertisement banner. For the mirror I thought it would be cool to make a rubbish one out of foil so it doesn't quite achieve the purpose it was made for. and have the poster and use it as an advertising prop and then have a rubbish selling stall with the products. I want it to look crooked and mistrusting, like in the princess and the frog the shadow man convinces them to buy stuff, and in snow white the witch tempts snow white to eat the apple, even though she looks really ugly and creepy, I think these ideas are interesting to elaborate on.


I found one of my biggest inspirations was great expectations it is a peculiar story, and the old lady in it with the wedding food left on the table and the cobwebs all over the place and in the room even more peculiar. It has a funny old world kind of effect to it, it feels so refreshing and is hard to explain, I have enjoyed this unit and the making of the products and getting used to the materials, the technicians at archway are so helpful and its a really nice relaxing atmosphere to be in. Making my crown for baldies, my mirror for ugly people so they won't crack any important mirrors and the extra big luxurious lipstick for those with crusty lips. I could look at the idea from another unit further about exploring you can be anything you want idea. With the panda I could have it holding a spade, like the dwarfs in snow white. I can explore so many different ideas related which is really exciting.


I really found going to the saatchi gallery inspirational for this unit. I really liked the patterns, I think some of them were food, it was full of colour and pictured really well. One room was filled with cardboard and hanging pots and pans with string, I liked it because it was so weird and bizarre. Doing the research for this unit has been so invaluable and influenced my ideas, and how many things I've come up with Ive really wanted to develop the stuff I have done and really enjoyed using different materials for the first time like the workshops at archway and the sewing machine which I haven't got the opportunity to play with before, it was really exciting, and having the crits and listening to the tutors and discussions when people are trying to challenge each persons understanding. Having nearly finished my outcome and the unit this week, I am happy with what I have done and just need to make sure I execute it to the level I want and hope to achieve, I was thinking I may go to a forest to take the pictures that could be really fun.

Final Outcome of products- Crown made of hair and wire for discreet baldies, mirror that you can't see your reflection in- a resolution for the uglies who keep cracking mirrors, and a extra luxurious lippy for the extra crusty smackers

Final Product- Inspired by false advertising(Fairest)

Closeup of 'beauty' products


It has been a lot of work to make my outcome and I have challenged myself with the time I have been allocated.  I was really inspired by the work I discovered by John Chamberlain called mezzomangle its so random and reminds me of the mohican type of hair I have been looking at, it looks really contemporary and sort of reminds me of sci fi like stuff, the design and texture is really cool and I like the use of colour, and how it can suggest a time period in history or reflect several influences. I've really loved researching and finding out what amazing things you can do with hair and makeup which I never knew about. It has really opened my mind to something I initially never thought about exploring in art, and I'm really enjoying it and am amazed to see how creative it can be its been exciting this unit and Ive really enjoyed it. In this unit I used a variety of materials like paint, hair, wire, cloth material, and plaster. Its also going to be exciting next week starting a new unit and I will have to read the brief and take notes for ideas and start thinking about what I will do in my sketchbook.


Ive looked at the brief on moodle and its going to be the last project that we do before review, its called pause rewind so will be nice to reflect back on previous ideas.  On moodle in the brief it speaks highly about reflection and realising the importance of critical evaluation. Its exciting that were going to have completed the second stage of the course and we will be starting the final stage of the course in where were going to be making stuff for a public display for the end of year which will be exciting. I have to choose a project that I've already looked at in Fine Art to continue developing concepts from them or using as inspiration to think of further ideas. I think I will look at the unit Ive just done relating to hair and makeup and then may use aspects of other units Ive done and incorporate them in or use them for inspiration. I'm going to look at the unit exchange again,  and then may look at aspects of ordinary/extraordinary and witness.  I can think about the materials I may use and what things Im going to do in my sketchbook.  I could explore metal again, or sculpture, casting, bookbinding, like we learnt previously in exchange. I could explore with moving images, or sound, or photoshop. Looking at 2 or 3 dimensional work, theres lots I can experiment with and do test pieces, showing the development of my ideas and experimenting with materials and possibilities and the processes I have done.



Today was the first day starting the new unit the new unit is called pause rewind. It should be an interesting unit, it gives me the chance to go back to a previous unit of my choice and develop it.  This will be exciting, I have really enjoyed some units especially, i liked doing the unit where I explored food as a material and looked at advertising and social media, I also like the unit where I explored making sculptures with plaster and using mixed media. I think I will explore the last unit that Ive just done and ideas from it more though as I really enjoyed it and research and ideas will be fresh in my mind to come up with more ideas and develop further. I went into college and it was interesting to hear other people talk about what unit they thought they would choose. The tutors spoke to us briefly about it. Also there was a talk about student finance which was interesting to hear about and worth while. 


I went into college and inspired by my previous unit got my toolbox from my locker and used what I had inside to start drawing an image, I had a that I found on google, when I searched about makeup throughout history. I found a Neferiti bust image on a woman with heavy eyeliner, from 3,300 years ago. This was really cool to see how much makeup was on this statue and that it had been given such thought. I drew from this image, using it as inspiration, I drew it inspired by patterns, and that I have noticed you see pattern everywhere even down to the contouring of the face with makeup. I read how with early makeup lots of random ingredients were used, like caster oil, balm, beeswax, olive oil and rosewater painted eyelids, honey, and so on. It was interesting to see what type of things they used as beauty products. Also this reminded me of what I looked at in the previous unit, how a while back, like in punk rebellion they used lots of random materials to make their hair look ‘good’. I looked at foil as a random material and I loved the texture of it and how easy it is to mould and make stuff with. In my sketchbook I did experience with the foil using is as hair and also as a statement garment. I thought it could be cool as a wig to to use as hair and wrap it round separate strands of hair, sort of similar of replicating the feel of the mohawk crown that I did. Like how punk was a rebellious period, as young people thinking they were invincible and can do whatever they want or dress however they want, their kings and queens of punk. Thinking of patterns I found an image of a telegraph pole, which was so interesting the way all the wires ran and linked over each other, some looked very messy also, I felt it was something that looked quite powerful, as it runs so high over yourself. It reminded me of in films how I’d watched people throwing their trainers over the lines like in ‘like mike’ or how in The Simpsons Homer climbs about on them and gets electrocuted. 



I did more research and work in my sketchbook, I found the work by John Galliano for Dior Couture in 2003 ‘Asia Major Collection’ I love his work, I’m so happy to discover it. In some of his designs they look very arty, the women look like they're wearing curtains, or rugs or wrapping paper, they look really heavy as though they are wearing him down. It made me think of the wire restraint object that charlie had to wear as a kid in the newer version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I really like the rough textures and the painted faces, it looks a bit dollish and weird, but very contemporary and cool, a bit different. I have rags, and bedsheets or duvet sheets at home that I can play about with and create looks with. It reminded me the style of the dresses of the ugly step sisters, how they thought they looked awesome but really looked very terrible. It reminded me also of a lampshade one of the or some kind of structure. and the use of the colour green in one of the images reminds me of a clump of grass pulled up from the ground and shoved on someone head to create a fashion statement.


I continued working in my sketchbook as it will be nice that I will have 2 weeks to work on these ideas to continue over the time allocated. I came up with further ideas. I thought I could do several different development ideas, one was using the body as a canvas using inspiration from art pieces that I have seen, and also makeup hair designs. Another was experimenting further with the foil as I liked this effect. I thought I could possibly combine the last unit where I explored beauty and then also the unit where I did the mouldy food exploring good and bad. Like food porn. I had an idea to further look at the ugly side to beauty, (hidden side, like bad effects to plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos etc.) so look at bad hair days, women hate having messy, wind swept hair, its annoying probably all of us or most share, hair in the shower wet and dripping, when shampooing hair and making different hairstyles(having fun in the shower, being childish), I thought I could play about with photoshop, and cut faces onto clothes like looking at different hairstyles, thinking of makeup to scare off others, or potential attackers, I think it will be interesting to explore outfits with the looks as well.


I carried on doing more research and looking at artists, I did some drawings in my sketchbook which I really enjoyed doing. I found on google, things that men find supposedly proven by google that they find unattractive in a woman. One thing was excessive body hair, which I found quite humorous and could find a model and put like lots of bright coloured hair under her armpits and other parts, I found it weird how I read someones art was taken down because it displayed public hair, I thought this was weird as so many nudist art pieces are allowed in galleries but this particular one wasn't because it showed lower bodily hair. Which I don't think is necessary but still strange. I saw also Rick Owens men designs where there was a ‘knob-hole’ which someone called it on social network. I think its attention seeking and stupid, as the clothes weren't even attractive they were ugly dark brown and black tones. I also explored men with long hair, and how now people can wear unisex clothing.


I used a face cut out as a template and drew round other things, which I thought was interesting, so the face could become something else like a body or a seaside, a spoon, a fan and so on I think this is really interesting and could be something cool to play on.My thoughts so far in this unit, is that the world isn't a free speech, you can't say what you want, you have to be very careful not to offend anyone, I find it interesting how men dress up in drag and get sex changes, and they feel happier and more comfortable with themselves, they say. But lots of people don't accept it, think they're weird, or a mad lunatic. Its weird how other non related things some immoral have become accepted by society. I looked at panto's like cinderella and how the ugly fat woman is weirdly always dressed by a man. In big mamma the old fat woman is played by a black man and in white chicks they're played by a black man, I watched a video a while ago how there was a black male actor saying that there was racism and they liked getting black men made fools of, like one time he was acting, they wanted him to were a dress, he said no he wouldn't and they came back the next minute with a complete changed play where he didn't have to wear a dress and he said it would take them longer than that to write a new play. I think a lot of people can take racism too seriously these days, but no one has ever been racist towards me so I can't speak for others, I think a lot of incidents happen related with it but people are too quick to shout racism or to play the victim in the situation.

Sleep is ugly (Dads snoring is pissing me off and beauty sleep is being lost something needs to shut him up- development piece) not edited

Sleep is ugly (edited version development)


Its really exciting, ucas I have received interviews, and also been given information about the progression scheme and that ill have to go to related events for it, and I think we will be looking at portfolios next week. I found the artists work by Dan Colen, which I really liked as it didn't make sense, like on a slab of rock there were the word, 'rama lama ding dong' which i love, its rhyme and catchy. I could take some of his ideas for inspiration, like the weirdness of the context that it is, I also liked his wall of randomly placed and overlapped chewing gum. I like his use of materials, and it feel original and well thought out. I liked the candy m&ms that was also very weird, and the fact that something tasty is just lying on the floor in the corner, someone could pick them up and eat them... but their not real of course they're about the size of a rock.I found images of it looked like a dish towel and it was covered in flowers and covered over the womens face, I love how it obstructs the face, changes its context and appearance and purpose. I also saw how men are dying their beards lately and there has been a craze for it, it reminded me of at christmas how they tied christmas tree ball balls onto their beard, its interesting as I think men have become more openable able to admit their interests in fashion. Also backstage at Givenchy how some of the faces remind me of food or lego and are obstructed. I could create my own mask like type of creations.

Final Outcome ( Francis Bacon Inspired) Psychotics of a hairdryer


This week we are going to be looking at making portfolios, we were told the minimum we had to have was 10 pieces, we have to use A1 card, scalpel and ruler to do it. Having made a portfolio suitable for university last year in my art course I feel I already have a good understanding of what I need to be doing. Applying for Fine Art and Also Hair and makeup I will have to come up with 2 styles of portfolios, and possibly show different sketchbooks. It's exciting that I will be going to university soon and starting my 3 year course, its inspiring that the work I'm doing now could possibly inspire projects for when I'm at university. I feel I have learnt a lot this year, and from other people and tutors like when we are in the crits. I've worked really hard for part 2 I feel part 1 has given me a better understanding of what is expected from me to do part 2. I've really enjoyed the experience and I'm proud of the work Ive done, Ive enjoyed researching the artists, and Ive discovered lots of cool work and artists that I didn't know about before. Ive discovered art websites which have been really beneficial towards drawing inspiration from in units.


In school I talked to one of the tutors and asked her questions about the interviews coming up and she was really helpful, I wrote some notes down and also in my sketchbook, she was saying it would be good to develop a few ideas further, I said how I was applying for Fine Art and Hair and Makeup, because she's a Fine Art tutor she couldn't give me any advice on the Hair and Makeup. I know what I have to do for the review, I need to do the portfolio and choose the pictures that Im happy with from this year. 


I've been catching up on a few aspects of work and getting everything finalised, before the review. I got an email to say my review was on wednesday. I think we then start unit 7 the week after which is quite quick. This will be exciting, after my review I will have to think of what medium and ideas I will want to look at as I have to write my own brief. At BTEC Art I wrote a brief for my last unit so I think I will already have a good understanding of what will be expected from me.  I have been looking through the images and work that I have done so far this unit, in my portfolio I think it will be interesting if I show closeups as well as the full picture, I like close ups of work as it shows the work in more detail, and does your work justice. I think its nice also to show the work from different angles how it looks at different perspectives and play around with lighting also. I've looked online and read through information about portfolios, I have a good understanding of what a Fine Art portfolio should look like but I couldn't seem to find a lot of information about a hair and makeup portfolio or an example of one which is a bit annoying but I will carry on trying to find one. I think I will show some images from my food unit and also I have good close ups which I can show. I liked the photos I took from Ordinary Extraordinary, also the last two units, I have work from my earlier units also. I think on a few pieces, it will be nice to show quite a few closeups.


Today I drew out on paper what things I wanted to be shown in my portfolio. Ive got card to back the photos on and I have a printer, for pictures that I will need to enlarge I can use a photocopier near where I live as its quite cheap to print. Ive only just found really useful websites that I didn't know about before, like Vimeo they have really cool video some quite arty on them and short films, I watched a few which where really interesting as the short films felt like they were more about having a concept than the focus being put on the storyline of the films which was really interesting as I haven't seen this type of thing a lot also I found, I-D which have really nice interesting photos on there which I looked at involving fashion and hair and makeup related articles also dazed and confused, f word magazine, uk complex, some of these websites I found really inspiring and some things good to draw inspiration from like the pictures and some of the information.


I've selected the images Im going to use for my portfolio and Ive printed them off.  I need to go to a shop to enlarge several of them tomorrow and buy some more ink for my printer. I still have a few more photos to print off and stick in my sketchbook before review. It will be exciting to get part 2 passed and start the last unit. Ive got two units completely done and stuck my images of my final project for each one in the book. I need to glue in the final project images for the last two units tomorrow. I have a portfolio case from last year that I can use to carry my sheets of work in, Ive almost finished preparing everything for review and I need to print out my labels for the sheets for portfolio.


Im very happy with the progress that I have made, after drawing out the templates for the portfolio I have finished displaying my images, I used glue, scalpel and tape to secure the images to the card. I found it was a very precise job and I had to be very aware of what I was doing as it could have been easy to make mistakes. I have printed out all the labels for the images and stuck them on to the card underneath the images. I named my pieces of work and including the material and date that I did it. Tomorrow I'm going to look through all my work and check that everything is done incase I need to add anything or amend anything before review that I have on Monday.


Wow.. todays the first of February, interviews are going to be soon for BA courses, I will need to start thinking and preparing what I will talk about and discuss about my work in the interview. The up will be coming up soon for csm tutors said that you take one book, and I think one 3d work and an image of your work, so you show the best and its going to be a group interview, Im not sure what it will be like but I think I will be ok and I have good work that I can show. I have gone through all my books and double checked my portfolio, and Im very happy with what I've done and I now believe I have done everything I need to in order to pass the review tomorrow. Its very exciting. My reviews at 10:30 so I will have to get up early in order to get there and carry all the heavy work. I think we may be told a bit of information about unit 7 in the review which will be interesting if we do and interesting to know if we have any work set before unit 7 to do. I know that we have to write a project proposal for the last unit, it will be really exciting to choose my own project and subject area and ideas that I want to explore, and will be interesting to see all the ideas that other people will be exploring as well, and we will have longer to do the unit which will be really fun to develop our work even further than have been able to do so already and have our work shown in the final show of the year... thats really amazing.


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